Tell a tale

Who can fly

Joseph as a small kid often used to visit the beach near his chanty home. He is black. His parent fled war torn African countries for peace and livelihood. Beach was the only open space where he could breath freely. He could play & open his mind. His home was nothing but four walls with a roof. One room is everything for 5 of them – mother, father, brother, sister and himself. It was a living room, bed room, kitchen, dining everything. Joseph often wonders why they live in such abject poverty. He sees different kind of people in the beach. Some are very rich, some are mediocre, some are below average. Some are fair and beautiful, some are dark like him. He questions himself – can he some day become like them. Will he be able come out of poverty once he grow up. Sometime he sees hope and become happy. Sometime he become hopeless and sad.

One day he saw a balloon man in the beach. He is holding balloon of different colour – red, blue, white, green, yellow etc. To attract the young minds like him the balloon man would release few balloons in the air and they will fly into the sky. Joseph was enjoying it standing at a distance. He saw many children of those rich, medicore, average people dragging their parents to balloon man to buy a balloon for him or herself. Joseph too wanted to buy one such balloon and releases into the air. He wanted see it flying. But joseph had a doubt. He waited and when all the children gone he walked upto the balloon man and asked – will a black balloon too fly? The balloon man with a big smile replied – my boy it is not the balloon but what inside it makes it fly.

Joseph filled with joy. He jumped around and ran in the beach. He didn’t want to buy a balloon anymore. He got an answer to his life. He got hope. He could see himself oneday flying.

Most of us think what we are externally will make us successful, rich & fulfilled. But we don’t look inside. Who we are inside is more important than who we are outside. It is what inside us that makes up fly and live a fulfilled life.

The story of Ramesh

Ramesh was very pious man. He never lived a day without praying to God. It was routine for him to spend an hour at the place of worship morning and evening. He BELIEVEs God so much that he feels no matter whatever happens he will be protected by God.

A year later, the village he lived in was inundated with flood water. People run halter scatter with their belongings. Everyone passing by called Ramseh to join them. But Ramesh was confident that nothing will happen to him. His God is there to take care of him. As time passed the water level rose higher. It became difficult to people stay even in make shift places. Ramesh also went to his place of worship and created a high platform to take shelter. Considering the danger level of water, the villagers decided to leave the village in a boat. They called even Ramesh to join them to move to a safe place. But Ramesh was confident that nothing will happen to him. God is there to take care of him. As the villagers left and water rose far above danger level, the administration sent a helicopter to rescue the stranded people, if any. They spotted Ramesh. The helicopter ladder was dropped to enable him to climb up. But Ramesh refused. He said don’t worry for me. My God is there to take care of me. Since he didn’t show any co-operation, the helicopter left him to his fate. And the inevitable happed. He was drawn in the water.

As he encountered God in haven, he became furious. He blasted with anger and held God responsible for his death. He explained how he devoted his time to His prayer. How discipline he was. How much faith he had on Him. But it all went in vain. When he needed Him most, He didn’t show up.

God with His calm face, asked Ramesh to relax. Then He said how He came to help him. He came to Ramesh in the form of villagers requesting to join them. He came with a boat to take him to safer place. He even sent a helicopter to rescue. But he never responded. It is not God, but Ramesh himself is responsible for his death. The moral is Belief is needed for success. Believe alone is not sufficient to succeed. It has to be backed by presence of mind, action orientation. You need to apply practicality.