Protect yourself from time stealer for better efficiency

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If you can protect yourself from time stealers your can have better efficiency and improve dramatically. We all have 24 hours’ time a day. With the same time, somebody is performing excellent, somebody mediocre and somebody poor. Therefore time can never be an impediment in your performance or effectiveness. However, we need to be aware about how effectively we use time.

There is abundance of resources in the form of books, lecturers, workshop etc. on time management, how to utilize your time to the maximum. However, there is little focus on time stealers. If a person is aware of time stealers, he or she can free up good amount of time for productive use. Some of the time stealers from my experience are as below:

#1 Electronic gadget

In current situation electronic gadget are inevitable in life. At the same, it is the number one time stealer, if not handled mindfully. Electronic gadgets include smartphone, TV, music system, play station etc. Smartphone is so much engaging that people unknowingly become addicted to it. They know it being overused, yet unable to come out.

Initially, we started using smartphone for whatsapp, then slowly it expanded to facebook, instagram, tweeter, youtube, pinterest etc. Most of our engagement on these apps is unrequired entertainment. Whatsapp is opened in the morning to check important post, but we end up spending next half an hour looking at peoples profile pictures or stories. Same is the case with facebook & instagram.

Of course many people utilise these apps to learn new things, earn livelihood and make oneself popular. If it is purposeful, then alright. Otherwise, we need to curtail time on these unproductive engagement. It will also reduce lot of stress, disappointment and judgment.

#2 Gossip

Communication is important, gossip is not. So when we do casual talk with someone, we need to be aware that it does not lead to unwanted long conversation over petty things. Though gossip gives some kind of pleasure, its enjoyment should be limited to avoid wasting of time.

#3 Lethargy/procrastination

Many a time, we just procrastinate hoping a better time to work later. We prefer to relax now and work later with a false notion that we would be doing better by deferring. There is a saying that you don’t improve by postponing. And you don’t know what other emergency will come later. Therefore, you should utilize our time to the best now.

#4 Wrong priorities

Success in life depends on what priority we set for life and it must remain priority all the time. Once you have the priority there will be no scope to waste time. Because your focus will continue to remain on the priority. It will work like a guiding light. But that priority should be the right one which is backed by purpose for life and productive.

#5 Mental notes

Many a time we are aware that we need to be focused, productive and utilize our time productively. But that awareness is kept in our mind not put down on paper. We should write down our priorities and organize the day so that we don’t get veered by other things. In fact it should be displayed on noticeable locations like freeze door, mirror, on doors, computer/smartphone walls etc.

#6 Habit

We need also be very careful about our habit, which is a great time stealer. For example, many a time we wake up but don’t get up from the bed. Take a long time to take shower or eat. Or unable pull up oneself after lunch or dinner. These are habit and can be changed. If we analyse ourselves we will find many such activities which are unproductive time stealer and continuing in our life due to sheer habits. You can read about habit in my post

#7 Thinking

Indecisiveness is also a great time stealer. Just because we are not able to take a decision, we end up wasting time. Therefore we need to learn how to take decision within an appropriate frame of time. Otherwise, we will keep on thinking without taking any action and thereby wasting our time.

There could be many more, but I found these 7 are prime time stealers. Even if we bring control on these 7, we can be more effective & productive in terms of time.

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