Would you make this New Year different from earlier years?

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Would you make this New Year different from earlier years? Will you make the New Year resolution a reality? New Year is an opportunity to recharge and rebound to achieve goals of life. However, it is not easy.  Quite often people give up on their resolution and end up just passing another year.  The following rules or SOP (Standard Operating procedure) are sure shot to make this New Year different from earlier one.  

New year is an opportunity to make a new start
New year is an opportunity to make a new start

#1 Set the right priority

We should not make a resolution on emotions. Life demand many things – fitness, new degree, money, fame, etc. But it is not possible to achieve everything at once. It requires resource, time and effort to achieve anything in life. Therefore, we must priorities first what we want the most.

So make a list of things that you want, then strike out which are least important or choose 4/5 most important things which you want urgently. These are priority for the new year.

#2 Focus

Once you decide the things you want the most, focus on it. It is said, thing grow faster which get more attention. Bring your attention to the priority items. Put your effort and energy into it. On daily basis it should occupy most of your mind space.

#3 Set your goal

Having priorities and focus on what you want, we need to set goal, because the goal will define how much we want to achieve during the new year. I would recommend George Doran SMART principle for setting goal. Doran’s SMART principle says goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Specific – signifies that one should be able to speak about the goal at any point of time without requiring explanation. Example, “I want to reduce my weight by 10 kg from current weight of 80 kg to 70 kg in coming 6 months ending 30.6.2022”. Instead of saying my goal is to reduce weight if everything goes well. This type of goal statement has no power or binding to achieve. There should no condition attached. The Goal statement should give power, clarity, confidence and excitement.

Measurable – means the goal outcome should be measurable. In the above example, it may be observed that one can measure the progress from now till 30.6.2022 how much weight loss is happening. At the end of the period you can declare that you have achieved your goal. Similarly for any goal it should be set in such a way that its progress and end result is measurable. When it is measurable it gives a sense of achievement as we progress. It motivates to stay focused and do more.

Achievable – as I said life demand many things. However, all may not be possible. May be someone wants to go on an international vacation. Before setting the goal one need to see if he or she has the requisite financial resources. Is there any other important event around that time.  Whether it is possible with current global travel restrictions. It also means the goal should be realistic. Not based on mere desire.

Relevant – It means whatever goal we set it should be relevant to our age, lifestyle, and trend. We may understand relevance by asking self – is it worthwhile all the time and effort. Does it clash with other goals? Is the timing appropriate? You want to go on a Himalayan trekking, while wife is pregnant. You want to quit job and become a volunteer for a NGO at age 30. These are example of irrelevant goals. At the same time a goal to cut down alcohol consumption and spare the time for children is an example of relevant goal. It is worth the time and effort. It will motivate you to stay committed for the goal.

Time-bound – any goal should be time bound to achieve. There will be many distractions in the walk of life. Unless there is a time bound goal, probability is that priority will change. Time bound goal helps to stay focused. Create urgency. At the same time give satisfaction of achievement.

I highly recommend to read more about goal setting at https://www.briantracy.com/success/personal/op/14-step-goal-setting-guide.html

#4 Daily to-do list

The entire goal cannot be achieved at one go. It has to be achieved step by step. Therefore, it is ideal to break the goal into monthly milestones. Then to create a daily to-do list to achieve the monthly milestone.

#5 Be committed

Once you have the daily to-do list stay committed for it through out the new year. Under any circumstances, execute the daily to-do list. Pat your back at bedtime for sticking to your daily routine. It takes 21 days to make a habit. If you stick to your daily to-do list for 21 days it will become part of your life. You can read more about habit at http://healthywealthywise.in/5-habits-that-can-put-your-life-on-fast-track/

#6 Have courage

As I said there will be many distraction – birthday, marriage, party, illness, financial crunch, boss and many more. But we need to develop courage to say no wherever required to these distraction. Well, once we have completed to-do list we are free to devote time for other things. But not otherwise.

#7 Be accountable

It is always ideal to have a mentor. But we hardly find anybody as mentor in our personal life. In office environment we perform because we have to report to somebody. Similarly, in your personal life find somebody to whom you will report your progress. Make a promise. Be accountable. He or she could be your spouse, child, friend, guru or anybody whom you trust.

#8 Pay the price

Nothing is free in this world. There is always give and take. If you want to achieve something you have to give up or miss something. That’s call paying the price. Be ready for it. You may be required to be uncomfortable, spend more time outdoor, miss few hours of sleep, miss few parties, exposed to criticism. So what. You know the end result. Be excited for it. As it says “begin with end in your mind”.

#9 Believe

Deep down your heart have belief in yourself. In the face of all odds, keep a belief that you can succeed.

#10 Celebrate

Last but not least. Celebrate every achievement – be it small or big. Let people know you are upto something and you are doing well.

This year is yours. You can do it. Your past is not your future. Look forward. Set goals. Stick to it as laid down above till the end the new year. I assure you nobody can stop you in achieving your goal.


Note : If you want a helping hand to achieve your new year goal/resolution, do let me know . We have a system in place to help you.

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