How you get what you want

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We all want something more than what we have today. That because inherent quality in human life of hope, an intrinsic desire to have more. In fact that is the sap of life, which keeps it going. You may therefore might have noticed people giving advice not to lose hope when in distress. However, some people go beyond the limit of normal hope & desire and achieve many things to which we look with awe. We wonder how so and so can achieve so much, while comparatively he or she is at per with others What is the differentiating factor? This topic has been widely researched and many books have been written about tit. I had the opportunity to read few of those books and also experienced a lot in my life.

Few years back I embarked upon a project. Honestly speaking it was a challenging project at the same time very rewarding. Every time I think about the project I get excited. I feel as if it is done. I do lot of planning. But time passed – year after year. There was no progress. I am there where I was. At the same time few other people embarking on similar project but they went ahead. They became successful. Several years later I questioned myself and looked back to find what went wrong. Why I could not succeed. I took help of many books as well. At the end of the introspection I found four key profound reasons for me not succeeding in the project. I believe these four key factors are essential above all others for success in anything we do in life. Lest look at them.


I had all the knowledge, intelligence, understanding but was not action oriented. The disease of procrastination was so subtle that I could not realize it is holding me back. I so nicely built up excuses (without knowing it is an excuse) that I remained in comfort zone for several years. I was habituated about it. You may ready my blog post on habit at

Burning desire

This is another big factor, which is essential to get what you want. We all have desires. But very few have a burning desire. A burning desire is that which is indomitable, non-compromising. Something we are fanatic about. Something for which we are ready to pay a price or give up something. It is urgent. Needed at any cost. It is more than a passion. The intensity of your burning desire will define how far you will go.


It is the third important factor. You may have burning desire, you may take action but if it is not well directed success may elude. Neither you will be able to measure your progress. It is therefore very essential to set goal before you take action. There is a process of Goal setting. It should always be set backward. It means set first the long term goal. Say what you want to achieve at the end of 5 year. Then set the medium term goal say within 2 year. This is a subset of the long term goal. Then finally set the short term goal say within a year or few months. Again this is a subset of long & medium term goals. They all are inter linked. Break down the short term goals further to daily activity towards that goal. The goal should be well defined & described with details. Goal should be visible all the time and it need to be reviewed on weekly basis. In words of Brain Tracy “you can achieve any goal if you are willing to work long enough and hard enough to achieve it.”


Our mind does not remain in same state all the time. It keeps fluctuation. Sometime we feel very excited, sometime very low. In the process, there will be an urge to slow down or to take a break from the activities that we need to do towards the goal. But to succeed you must do whatever required doing despite odds and difficulties. The moment you break the activity loop, mind and body takes your goal as less priority. And your whole metabolism, behavior will veer away from the goal that you have set. So it is very very important to be discipline.

To sum up you get what you want provided you have a burning desire fired by passion, urgency, now & hear attitude; accompanied by deliberate action – no procrastination, no excuse, no lethargy, topmost priority. And finally a defined written goal by which time you will achieve it.

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