I studied Economics, Management, Finance and Banking. I have been working in financial sector for last twenty five years. Its by choice, not by chance. I love the subjects and continuously strive to explore more and more. Economy, finance, business, entrepreneurship are the subjects I bite everyday. But by chance I got to know about optimal health – around twenty years back. This is something lesser known to people in general. With each passing day I could see its relevance becoming more prominent. In fact it has become a order of the day to put your health in topmost priority. And finally roller coaster of life has given me wide range of experience and realisation – major portion of which I wish had known earlier. After reading scores of book, meeting thousands of people, travelling widely I feel I have gathered good enough experience and exposure to pen down these learning so that society at large get benefited. This blog is my effort in that direction and subject are health, wealth and wisdom. I believe whoever read and understand the content will live a happy fulfilling life.