Do you know who is guiding you?

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Every moment of our life is guided by somebody. All our actions and results are outcome of this guidance. Our success, setbacks, happiness, health, wealth all are under the influence of this guidance. Do you know who is guiding you? It is non-other than inner you. The invisible person within us. We identify it as our mind and it guiding us all the time. We may be aware or not.

Therefore we need to be outmost careful about our mind. Are we feeding our mind with right thought? Are we keeping mental sanity. Are we visualizing the right view. All these form part of our mental health.

Now a days digital and print media are abuzz with physical health issues and its recourses. Various diagnostic, pathological labs, nursing home etc are popping up in every nook & corner of cities/towns. I am very sure all of us at least get one random message related to physical health on our mobile phone every day. Behind all these hallabullah another issue is silently gaining momentum and that is Mental health. As per WHO in India 7.5% of Indian population suffer from Mental health problem. WHO also predicts that by 2020, roughly 20 per cent of India will suffer from mental illnesses.

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I am sure with the pendemic situation it has aggravated more. Mental illness includes excessive anger, jealousy, hatred, fragile emotion, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors nail biting, hair tearing etc. Unless we take good care about our mind, inner self will not be healthy. This in turn will affect the way we lead our life.

Human mind and body are integrated. Any disturbance in one affects the other over a period of time. Since mental status is a personal attribute, generally people avoid consulting with others – even to doctors. Many even are not aware that clinical psychiatrist may be visited like any other physician for mental discomfort. It is not necessary to consult psychiatrist only at an advantage stage of behaviourial change.

In common parlance, the following factors are responsible for mental ill health.


This is a significant factor. Each individual sees the same thing or situation from different perspective. If this perspective or perception is distorted than it may affect the mental status of the individual. This may further lead to other complexities.

Take an example of a girl who seriously thinks herself as ugly because of physical appearance. Whereas ugly or beauty is how the other person see someone based on combination of factors like physical appearance, intellect, dressing, attitude and many more similar factors. One factor may overpower the others to make her beautiful. Just because physical appearance is not attractive, does not make her ugly.

If the girl in the example continuously thinks she is ugly it will reflect in her confidence level, which may make her more inward, more isolated than to a mental illness. Had she understood and accepted that beauty is based on multiple factors, she would not have considered herself ugly merely because her physical appearance is not attractive. Its her perception is directing her in life, which is not correct.


Modern day living is very stressful. It comes from peer pressure, future uncertainties, financial difficulties, pollution, information overflow etc. These lead to worry than to anxiety and then to fear. A person who is continuously under worry, anxiety and fear would eventually become mentally and physically weak. He or she will lose the capability of handling situations, making decision. An inner urge to come out from this situation will make the person angry, irritable, restless. A prolonged stressful condition will slowly reflect in physical health – racing heart, indigestion, sleeplessness, body pain etc. You can very well imagine under such state what guidance the mind will get.

Environmental imbalance:

A person lives a happy life when he or she is in perfect harmony with the environment where he or she is living. Any imbalance like unsatisfactory surrounding, neighbourhood, culture etc can create a negative mindset which eventually may affect mind & body. In fact environmental imbalance disturbs the perception and belief system of the person. This affects the confidence level and creates fear. Then the whole cycle continues.

The solution to a good mental health is understanding oneself, the surrounding and maintaining a balance in every aspects of life. In other words, we should live a principle based life.

The followings steps may help you to maintain a healthy mind.

  1. There does not exist any problem. What you think as problem is a situation. No situation is permanent. It will change eventually. If it going to change what you thinking as problem will also go off. It is only a matter of time through which you have to pass. For that you need understanding, aware and patient.
  2. Be present. Most of the time, rather 90% of awake time of human, is engaged in revisiting the past or thinking about the future. But none of these have any significant contribution to your current living. You are there as you are. Even if you don’t think of past or future, your life will continue. It is wiser to be present in the current moment. You cannot change the past. You don’t have control on the future. Only time you can really live and do something is the present. Therefore be in the present moment. You plan for the future. But focus on the work that you have to do today for that future.
  3.  Accept whoever you are, whatever you are and wherever you are. Its ok. Accept yourself as it is in the present form, plan and work for the way you want to be. If you keep doing the thing the way it is to be done, you will get eventually what you desired.
  4. Love your surroundings. Don’t grunt about your surroundings. The place, people, things all is good and lovable. There is good and bad in everything including you. Love them as it is. You may not like to make them part of life for good. But as long as they are in your surrounding love them. Appreciate them. Look at them from a positive perspective.
  5. Don’t compete with others. In this era of technology we get updates about activity of people round the clock. It creates a left behind syndrome. We feel as if we are doing nothing, whereas other people moving fast in life – they are travelling, creating social media content, being followed by large number of people, posted nicest picture etc. Knowingly or unknowingly we get into a race to get noticed. This is totally unwarranted. This is a self-created competition. Rather we should compete with our self. How better I am today compared to yesterday or last year. Is there any progress. Am I doing something meaningful. There should be clarity for what we stand for and what we oppose. We need to communicate with the concerned person clearly. We need to maintain a balance within ourself and with the surrounding. If required, we should not hesitate to consult experts on the matter of discomfort.

Are all these easy. No. They are not. But that’s the solution for happy healthy living. We are driven by habits. Once we adopt the above they will become our good habits, which will help us to maintain a good mind. You can read by habit in my post With a good mind you can live a good life.

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